DSCN0005bModular - Our engineered product lines are expandable in width and length, offering flexibility in use.

Re-locatable - By nature of the design they are quick and easy to install with little or no equipment, light weight for shipping and always re-locatable

Engineered- Being engineered to the International Building Code (IBC) assures qualified standards to our products. Pre-engineered product lines meet proven standards and the requirements of any project. Wind loads 70 mph to 120 mph, Snow loading up to 40 psf with snow kit. Hanging weight per beam can accommodate accessories of 1,000 – 3,000 pounds per beam. Certified engineering available with your project.

Accessories- We offer an extensive list of accessories including lights, doors, HVAC, insulation, flooring etc., everything required for the functionality and design of your structure.

Turnkey Installation- Installation is simple and efficient and requires only minimal use of tools and equipment. Training is available and your personnel can be certified in our installation process.

Can be installed on any surface- Install on concrete, asphalt, ground, or grass – No foundation required. Structures can be installed with a minimal environmental footprint or impact.

Adaptable to any climate or situation- Our structures have been utilized across the globe and adapted for a wide variety of uses and situations ranging from the Winter Olympics to aircraft hangers in the Afghan dessert. Structures are engineered for heavy wind and snow loads and can be outfitted with insulation and HVAC for climate control.