Providing spectacular shelter solutions for every kind of event, worldwide.

We offer creative shelter solutions for any event, that range from covering a floating lake pavilion to the chosen shelter products for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. Creative Tent International is an innovator and leader in design and manufacturing, meeting the demands of the commercial event industry.

Our unique and proprietary product design seamlessly incorporates utility, functionality and beauty into the perfect structures that dazzle and outperform the rest. Qwiktrac®, Fastrack®, Shasta Peak®, Quik-Span®, Acadaspan®, and Shasta Shelter® are modular and portable, integrating aluminum frame and tensioned fabric into a sleek structure with a complete line of accessories to make your event spectacular!



Outside Fastrack 062 clear tent with glass walls at mexican resort on the beach lit from the inside at night.

• Casinos

• Convention Centers

• Event Venues

• Hotels and Resorts

• Storage Facilites

• Wineries