The Fastrack System®

The Possibilities are Endless!

The Fastrack System® - for those wanting to maximize profit with minimal product and investment: a business-in-a-box theory with the ability to upgrade without investing in an entirely new structure. Our goal with this product is to aid you with inventory control by providing a minimal amount of product and maintenance while offering a multitude of options for your rental company’s needs. Whether you are new to the industry or a longtime member, this product allows you to invest in new product or transition from a competitor without breaking the bank.

When purchasing one of our 3 basic starter systems, they allow you to configure a variety of tent sizes with the same interchangeable pieces, leaving you to order only additional fabric as necessary. These structures are able to be located on a variety of surfaces including dirt, grass, asphalt, concrete, etc. Our tool kits make it easy to put the tent up, maintain and clean it. The Fastrack System® is fantastically easy to upgrade, modify and accessorize. Additional kits can be added to create round structures or round ends, clear-span peaks, taller legs, windows, glass walls and doors. The possibilities are endless!


Three System Sizes

Pick the one that fits you best.


Fastrack 022®

The Tent for Any Event

  • 10', 20', 30', 40', 50' and 60' in width by any length
  • Installed from the ground with 4 to 6 workers without equipment

Fastrack 062®

The Efficient Large-Volume Tent

  • 40', 60', 80' and 100' widths by any length
  • Installation with 8 to 10 workers

Fastrack 160®

Best Extra-Large Event Structure in the World!

  • 100', 130' and 160' widths!
  • 160' wide x 300' long installs in 3 days with high-reach equipment and crew of 10