Product Specs

Creative Tent International Designs

Clear-span, frame-supported tension fabric structures are modular by design. There are no internal columns or supports. Pre-engineered kits require no on-site fabrication or welding of frame or fabric to install or relocate. Structure is fully re-locatable, allowing for disassembly and reuse of all components (except anchors) without additional fabrication or welding.

Engineering Specs

The structure is designed for constant winds of 70 mph and gusts of 90 mph or higher with a utility load of 2 psf per the International Building Code (IBC Code). Structure is capable of being equipped with an optional high-wind kit for increased wind loading and snow load kit for increased snow loading in extreme conditions, and do not require additional welding or drilling into the frame. The structure is designed for installation on concrete, asphalt or ground. One set of anchors are included, appropriate to surface.

Frame Specs

Frame consists of a series of identical arches with connecting purlins and cables. The arches have rounded eaves and ridge with snap button connections. Frame components for arches are a hollow, oval-beam design made from extruded corrosion resistant, anodized lightweight T6 structural grade aluminum. The extrusion for arches has integral inner and outer channels to accommodate exterior fabric shell and interior-liner panels. The extrusion is designed to allow rapid attachment or relocation of lighting, rigging and other accessories without drilling or welding.


Fabric Specs

Fabric shell is flame-resistant (as defined by NFPA 701), strong enough to meet the performance of the characteristics required of the structure. The fabric is available in colors, but standard is White/White (exterior/ interior) or Tan/White. The fabric may be 18 oz laminate or 22 oz coated, and opaque or translucent. Fabric panels for the bays of the structure are designed so the installation and removal can be accomplished with all personnel on the ground. The fabric panels become integral with the frame during installation so that unexpected winds during installation cannot sail the fabric away from the frame. Fabric panels are tensioned tightly with a ratchet system to the frame. Fabric panels and optional inner-liner fabric panels are capable of being installed, replaced or removed individually with the structure erected and operational. Installation Kits and Relocation Kits are available.