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Quality. Elegance. Sophistication.

The Perfect Tent for Your Central Coast Event!

Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals provides the most sophisticated rental tents and accessories available for your event needs. We offer the highest quality tent structures that stand up to the elements to provide shade, or shelter from the wind, rain or cold and look spectacular while doing it. Weather on the Central Coast can be unpredictable; our structures provide shade when it’s hot and shelter when it's rainy and cold. If you are planning an event, our tents will give you the assurance that everything will go smoothly no mater the weather and add the extra flair that everyone at your event will be talking about. We are committed to providing the best solutions for outdoor entertaining and events!

Why Choose Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals?

High-Quality Products

Our tents are made in the U.S.A. by Creative Tent International, a leader in the tent industry for over 20 years. Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals provides the best tents in Central California. Our products offer the highest quality and sophistication when it comes to covering your event. All of our tents are engineered to meet International Building Code and stand up to even the most severe weather conditions giving you the peace of mind that your event will be covered no matter what the forecast calls for. Our products are elegant and strong and can be installed with a wide variety of accessories from flooring to lights and everything in between.

Elegant. Sophisticated. Unique.

Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals is not a floppy frame tent company. Our tents are sophisticated engineered structures with 10ft walls, windows and views, high-hanging loads for lighting and decorations, and are easy to accessorize. The sunrise gable ends that come standard with every tent provide natural light and elegance. The unique designs of our tents provide open, free-span spaces with no support poles in the interior and are capable of accommodating the most daring design and decorating installations.

25% Deposit Fee

We only require a 25% reservation deposit to guarantee the availability of a tent and accessories for any event. The full payment is required only three days prior to the installation date of the event. This allows enough time to check the weather forecasts and act accordingly. If it turns out that the weather is perfect and a tent isn't needed, there is no obligation to pay for the full rental.

Weather Security

Our low deposit fee makes it affordable to reserve a tent for your event to have on-hand just in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. You won’t be left out in the rain at the last minute, trying to find an available tent that probably isn’t as elegant or as safe as one of our tents. And if it turns out that Mother Nature pulls through with the most gorgeous weather of the year, we will have you taken care of then as well. Canceled reservations on the account of sun will be supplied with a good weather care package from Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals to help keep your guests comfortable even in the absence of a tent.

Expert Tent Knowledge

Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals works hand-in-hand with the tent manufacturer and has extensive product knowledge and experience. We have put up tents in an extensive variety of conditions and situations from Alaska to Nigeria and everything in between.


Technically, are products are not tents. They are Engineered Fabric Structures built to meet the specifications set forth by the International Building Code (IBC). Our inventory is designed to handle winds up to 70mph and loading up to 1 pound/sq. ft. Event safety and security during your event and the comfort and safety of your guests are our top priorities.

Turnkey Solutions and Excellent Service

It is our goal to provide our customers with excellent professional service as well as the best tents and outdoor event solutions. We want to help you make your event spectacular and will guide you through the whole process of preparing for your outdoor event. We are available to answer all of your tenting questions and 100% committed to the success of your event.