Shasta Shelter®


Supporting Industry and the War Fighter Worldwide

The Shasta Shelter® product lines are designed to efficiently serve military and industrial needs for shelter from billeting and storage to hangers for the C-130 airplane. Designed and engineered for long-term use or expeditionary and deployable missions, they install quickly and meet high wind and snow loads in every environment. The Shasta Shelter® product line is recognized for quality, advanced engineering, exceptional past performance in the field and the price-to-value ratio for military and industrial applications. Shasta Shelter® interim re-locatable facilities are a smart solution for budget constraints and your mission is operational immediately. We are responsive and dedicated to the success of your mission and will go anywhere you go.



• Berry Amendment Compliant

• Quick installation for deployable requirements

• 70 - 125 mph wind load - certified engineering IBC (International Building Code)

• Snow loading to 40 psf ground snow load

• Re-locatable and modular

• Installs from ground level with high reach forklift

• Install on concrete, asphalt, ground or grass

• End options: Gable Ends, Full Width Doors, Open Ends



• Strong, quick, light

• Safety – installs from ground level

• Lightweight for shipping and handling

• Configuration options per activity

• High-reach forklift for installation – no crane required

• Efficient inventory logistics

• No foundation required

• Training available

• Turnkey installations

• Accessories – HVAC, Lighting, Flooring, Insulating Liners, Packing Systems