Installation Video


Fewer Parts - Less parts, fewer connections and a streamlined installation process allow for fast set-up times using less people and equipment, saving time and money.

Preassembled snap together parts - Structures up to 100ft wide utilize snap button and pin through connections and very few to no bolts. Preassembled parts mean that our structures can be set up immediately with little to no assembly for the customer.

Installed from ground level - The majority of the assembly of our structures takes place primarily on the ground. The beam structures are arranged and built on the ground, secured and then lifted with minimal effort or machinery.

No concrete foundation - Structures can be installed on any surface, eliminating the cost and lengthy process of pouring concrete, and minimizing the cost and time of relocation or removal.

Pre engineered - Saves money and time in the planning and approval of your building.

Efficient shipping weight and size - Tents are designed to fit in standard-size shipping containers making them easy and efficient to ship any where in the world.

Minimal manpower required - Structures up to 60ft in width can be erected with as few as 4 people in a matter of hours. Larger structures require only 6-8 people.

Integrated accessories - Our comprehensive line of integrated accessories offer all of the features necessary to complete your project quickly because they are designed to integrate with our tenting systems.

Turnkey designs - Structures offer a complete building system from shipping and installation to integrating power and accessories; we offer turnkey solutions for any shelter need.

Set-up time measured in hours or days - This is a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional building and significantly quicker then other prefabricated steel or wood structures.