Structured Tents

Engineered Structural Tent (Fastrack 022®)

These elegant, clear-span fabric structures make up the majority of the Good Old Fashion Fun Tent Rentals inventory. These tents are in a different category than the traditional frame or pole tent. They are engineered for safety and provide a distinguished and classy feel above and beyond the status quo. Our structures have 10-foot walls rather than the standard 8-foot walls, giving your event an amazing feeling of space and openness. We also include Sunrise window panels on the end of the tent, which allow the space to be filled with natural light. The Fastrack 022® tents require staking to hold them in place and, in some instances, they can be held down using weights. Click on the links below to see examples of the Fastrack 022® Tents.

Common Sizes

30' Width

30’ x 30’…….900 sq. ft.

30’ x 40’…….1200 sq. ft.

30’ x 60’…….1800 sq. ft.



40' Width

40’ x 40’…….1600 sq. ft.

40’ x 60’…….2400 sq. ft.

40’ x 80’…….3200 sq. ft.


60' Width

60’ x 60’…….3600 sq. ft.

60’ x 80’…….4800 sq. ft.

60’ x 100’……6000 sq. ft.


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