Event Tent USS MissouriHigh Quality - Made in the U.S.A. Structures are manufactured in Lake Havasu, AZ using quality materials sourced in the U.S.A. We believe in providing the best products with the best service by upholding our values of integrity, honesty and quality.

Safe - Real, proven and qualified engineering to International Building Code (IBC), high-quality materials and ground-level installation processes make our products some of the safest in the world. We understand the value of safety.

Simple efficient installation - Products are designed for straightforward installation on any surface (foundation not required) using little or no equipment and only the most basic tools, saving time and money.

Efficient to run and maintain - The anodized aluminum frame structure only gets stronger with age, will not rust and requires no maintenance. The tensioned fabric membrane is available with a 5-year warranty and can be expected to last many additional years in most cases.

Expert experience and service - Our tent designs have been proving themselves in the market for the past 30 years. Whatever your project is, we have the knowledge and experience to help see you through your project from beginning to end.

Speed - Is our focus from beginning to end. Our structures have small, light shipping cubes, install times measured in hours and days not weeks or months, 4-6 week production times and can be shipped anywhere. Our tensioned fabric structures install with minimal site prep, labor, tooling or equipment and require minimal installation/building cost compared with traditional building and other prefabricated buildings.

Pre-engineered-  Save time and money. The engineering for our structures has been taken care of in the design process of our standard products.

Little or no ground preparation - Structures can be installed on grass, earth, asphalt and concrete with a fraction of the footprint of other prefab and traditional buildings.

Easy to permit- Because our structures are engineered to International Building Code (IBC) they easily meet most building codes across the globe.

Easy and inexpensive to expand- Our structures are easy and efficient to modify or expand as needed. Our modular re-locatable product design makes expanding your structure simple and fast.

Significantly cheaper then traditional building- Installation costs for a fabric structure are a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a traditional building. Traditional build times are weeks or months longer then the installation time of our structures. When you compare the cost of permitting, engineering, ground preparation, installation/building time and cost, our engineered fabric structures offer the perfect cost effective solution for any shelter project.

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